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Dean Academics

Dean Academics (AICTE Programs)

I pleasantly welcome you to Khalsa College of Engineering and Technology, Amritsar governed by a more than 100 years old Society named Khalsa College Charitable Society, Amritsar. Higher education in India is undergoing a remarkable transformation as per New NEP 2020. In the Academic Year 2021-2022, KCET attained the prestigious NAAC “A” GRADE status. We have refurbished the curriculum and implemented major changes in the curriculum delivery to a very large extent. Now, the emphasis is on comprehensive, continuous learning rather than rote and exam-oriented learning. The National Education Policy (2020) has been emphasizing more on Outcome Based Education (OBE) and Choice Based Credited system (CBCS) rather than the traditional exam-centric, educational system which was followed in our country for centuries. In OBE, the real learning outcomes of students are measured in an objective manner, mainly to ensure that our higher education system is more accountable and quality-oriented. KCET effectively implemented OBE and CBSC throughout the curriculum of all Programs and believes in the continuous improvement of academic endeavors.
The Engineering Faculty of KCET is to transform a young, enthusiastic student into a professionally competent engineer capable of accepting the challenges of the industry. The focus is on ‘creative learning’ based on the unique approaches under Teaching pedagogy. KCET is a center of learning where young talent’s nurtured in different fields of engineering.
I am confident that our students would be an asset to the organization through their technical and managerial capabilities.
Dr. J.S. Randhawa
Dean Academics (AICTE Programs)
dean.engg@khalsaengineering .co.in

Dean Academics (UGC Programs)

Dear Students
We are happy that Khalsa College of Engineering & Technology is marching ahead on the glorious road to excellence by creating new milestones in all parameters of higher education-university results, placements, sports, co-curricular activities, research orientations and consultancy service. The college is amply strengthening the 127 year old rich tradition of its parent Khalsa College Charitable Society which has done yeoman’s service to the people of Punjab sending forth reputed scientists, able administrators, eminent educationists, outstanding Olympians and peerless poets, novelists & dramatists. Khalsa College of Engineering & Technology is nourished by a rich legacy and is doing an all out effort to reach for the stars as an institution of technical education

Dr. Mohinder Sangita
Dean Academics (UGC Program)
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