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Data Centre

Mr. Harmeet Singh
(Data Centre & Campus Wide Networking)


The Data Centre monitors the Campus Wide Networking (CWN) facility of the institution for ubiquitous network connectivity throughout the campus. At present CWN is having three redundant high end carrier class core switches and one hundred access switches. The Connectivity between the core switch to the access switch is though multimode fiber optic backbone. The existing bandwidth of the intranet is 1 Gbps. Currently the CWN is supplemented with 150 Mbps of redundant internet link to cater to the internet requirement of the campus. The college has hosted a private cloud on virtualized environment of blade servers and flex servers with fiber SAN storage to meet the computing requirement of the campus. Campus intranet has paved way to provide seamless access to e-journals, online lecture streaming and application software. The Data Centre also hosts e-mail and webservers of the institution. Additionally, the CWN is supplemented with mobility aware wireless connectivity of wireless network enabled electronic gadgets of students and staff.

Features: -

  • Monitors Campus-wide networking facility
  • Ubiquitous network connectivity through Wi-Fi
  • High-end Blade Servers (11 nos. with 4 TB Storage)
  • Flex Servers (2 nos. with 8 TB storage)
  • Enable offline access to NPTEL lectures
  • Enables online access to International Journals
  • Dedicated 150 Mbps leased line
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